Observability 2.0

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Astradot does not replace your existing Datadog/Grafana installation. It also does not use AI. Just plain old Algorithms.

Observability 1.0 was about Correlation. Its fundamental data structures Logs, Metrics, Traces produce either isolated data or require massive sampling.

End-to-End monitoring is just metrics of individual systems placed on a dashboard...

Distributed traces can only be viewed one at a time, and need massive sampling.

AIOps  are necessary. You need AI to try to find correlation across isolated individual metrics.

Service Maps are a lie. They show correlation when you are expecting causation.

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Observability 2.0 is built upon a novel data structure called 'Paths' which have Causation fundamentally baked in.

See everything incoming and outgoing

See all the unique paths through your infrastructure your requests take to arrive at a particular service and travel downstream from it.

Break down any graph by incoming or outgoing path.

Custom Data

Drop custom tags anywhere along a path.

Break down graphs of any service by any custom tag dropped anywhere in its path.

No Sampling

100% data retention.

Instant Root Cause. No AI.

All context is baked into the 'Path' data structure.

You dont need to manually correlate data across Logs, Metrics, Traces for days. No AI is needed either to try to correlate across thousands of metrics.

Works alongside Observability 1.0

No need to replace your existing tools. Astradot sits alongside them.