You have seen Logs. Metrics. Traces.

Astradot is different.

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Astradot does not replace your existing Observability tools. It uses the Span data generated by them to create a novel data structure which captures 100% of the flow of your requests, including custom tags. No sampling. This combined with a custom database allows it to offer a unique observability solution.

Typical monitoring solutions only capture limited dimensionality of metrics from the perspective of a single service. Eg, for Kafka brokers, they will capture dimensions like 'topic', 'broker', 'host', thus allowing you to slice data by those dimensions. However, that is a very limited view of Kafka. It doesnt tell you the path in your system that requests came from or what happened to them. Thus even a simply query like slicing kafka metrics by a calling and consuming service pair is not possible in existing solutions.

Astradot captures the entire path of your requests as they travel through the services in your system. Its data format is small enough to remain lightweight and capture 100% of your requests. Our custom storage backend allows us to store all that data and query terabytes of it with sub-second latency. It gives you a view into your system like nothing else.


Our team has deep technologists. We have worked at companies like Amplitude, Cisco, NewRelic, Datadog. We have contributed to major open source projects like Apache Druid, TypeScript, Antlr.

We have world class investors. These are the same people who have backed the likes of: Alibaba, Airbnb, Slack, Fitbit, TikTok, Hashicorp, Didi Chuxing, Udaan, Peloton, Doordash, Dynatrace.


We are a company by engineers, for engineers. As such, we care deeply about making sure engineers on our team have the absolute best working environment. If you want to solve hard computer science problems, are passionate about learning from the best minds, do apply for our open positions.